About Kim

Welcome to the official website of Dutch cyclist, Olympic Champion and multiple GOLD medalist knighted by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, Lady Kim van Dijk



Kim van Dijk, born in Groningen The Netherlands, 2nd daughter out of 4 girls, brought up in a loving family. Sport was one of the aspects in life they we’re brought up with by grandparents and parents; but always as a way to relax, enjoy & make new friends. Going to the Olympics and win Olympic GOLD is what her inspiration was and now she is an inspiration to many others.

What inspire you to ride?

My inspiration to ride comes from the freedom cycling brings you. You can get far away on your own strength and brings freedom from within! That’s why I started to love cycling above speedskating.

What's your favorite training session?

Races or race-simulations are the best practice…ever!

What's your ultimate post-ride meal?

I love Italy! It would be an extreme thin pizza, with pear, walnuts, honey and Gorgonzola! And a scroppino as desert…But only in Italy offcourse…Although this has been a while since I had this meal. I think you should only eat good quality food. So eat no pizza or rubbisch food because it needs to be worth it to eat it! #Foodismyweakness

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